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The Definitive Edition update is now LIVE!
Available for free, the Definitive Edition update brings with it new content and features, including two new dungeons, game modifiers, tracking achievements in-...
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Update 1.2 brings you closer to the screen
A new update is available for The Adventures of Elena Temple, bringing with it a resolution to the much requested fullscreen feature. The reason I've been avoid...
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Update v1.1.0
It's official! Update 1.1 for The Adventures of Elena Temple is now available! It feels better, shakes better and challenges better! And it'll sure be worth it...
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Final version is LIVE!
And we're finally at the finish line! The Adventures of Elena Temple v1.0.0 is LIVE on and Steam. A huge thank you to everyone that supported me so fa...
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Current progress - v0.6.0
The time has come for the last Early Access version of The Adventures of Elena Temple! Next up is the final release of the game on March 15th 2018. Unless somet...
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Current progress - v0.5.0
The final release date is getting closer and closer! That March deadline I set for myself seems right around the corner! But I'm getting ahead of myself. First...
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Current progress - v0.4.0
Happy New Year! May 2018 bring the joy of The Adventures of Elena Temple to your screens! I made a lot of good progress on the game, even during the holidays, s...
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Current progress - v0.3.5
Welcome to the first update since the early access release of The Adventures of Elena Temple! Since almost two weeks ago I've been busy with three major things...
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Last post
Hey, everyone, or you, that single person that played my demo! I hope you enjoyed it at least a little bit! I would love...
started by GrimTalin Dec 01, 2017
5 replies
Hey there! I just had a blast playing through the Chalice of the Gods dungeon, but I'm unable to select the other two—...
started by Côme Martin Jun 14, 2020
2 replies
In this topic I'm going to post random small sneak peaks on the game. Like this new level I've finished today:
started by GrimTalin Dec 04, 2017
8 replies